Site Updates

4/26/19 - It's about time for a few updates to the Fanart page. I've added some recent re-attempts to get back into digital painting in the painting section of the Fanart page. I'm still in need of plenty of practice, but if you like Critical Role, you can check out my attempts at Jester and Nott. If not, I've also done a quick version of my Octoling from Splatoon 2, in the witch outfit.


6/03/18 - Snagged a new laptop, the other day and with this post, hopefully set up site editing tools, successfully. It was entertaining to see that they appear to be free now, which means the initial cost makes this the most expensive tech support ever, heh.


Kulve Taroth was very generous in Monster Hunter, and has even been back another weekend, since the last update. It makes for one nice Awakening set. The weapons mostly require Awakening as well. Convenient. The lastest update brought us Lunastra, the angrier female version of Teostra. We've not gotten much, in the line of attempts on her, but she did spank us once. Hopefully we'll get her this week. The weapons have an amazing blue glow to them. Hopefully your hunts have been going better.


4/20/18 - Monster Hunter has been added to the YouTube Video Page, since World came out and I can finally resume hunting, for the first time since 4U and a small venture into Generations. Story is finished, Rainbow Pigment is attained, and now we're grinding out those perfect decorations for mixed sets. Kulve Taroth came out this week, so we're getting draped in GOOOOOOLLLLD and hoping for good relic weapon drops. I may have to add a Monster Hunter page, eventually, to share mixed sets.


8/30/17 - Destiny content page has been updated with Destiny 2 Beta screenshots of the new weapons! It's been a blast, preparing for this release and I can't wait to get my hands on the new game. Gary won't see us coming.


Several new Overwatch videos have been added to the Youtube channel, as the Summer Games come to a close, and we got our fill of Lucioball.


5/24/17 - The Youtube Channel has been getting more Overwatch videos, as we enter the final week of Competitive Season 4 and I desperately attempt to get the ole rating back up. One night of frustrating losses, while being too stuborn to step away, can put you into ELO Hell. I used to believe it didn't exist, but for Support/Tank main that relies on DPS to kill, it does. Doesn't matter how long I keep them alive if they can't kill and won't watch our own back lines. Communication can be stepped up, only if they're in voice chat. Maybe the only way out of this low rank is to DPS and pray for a healer to guard.


Amidst all of the Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm, I've jumped back to Diablo 3 for the season play. This monk has quickly surpassed the old one, due to much better drops. They've done an amazing job fixing many loot drought issues in D3, since I last played. Nothing like running around with 10 Mystic Allies and working on pushing into Torment X, even solo. I'll have to post some screenshots soon.


5/09/17 - Several new gaming vids added to the Youtube Channel, as I've had quite a bit of luck in Overwatch lately. More gaming shots should be added soon, as well.


4/10/17 - I've added a Destiny image gallery to the Games section. I'll get most favorite weapons, armor, ships and some funny screen caps there. If you have a favorite, feel free to mention it and I'll see what roll I've got on it, to share.


4/09/17 - A Fallout 4 image gallery added to the Games section, as well! It's been a productive day. There's quite a bit of content here, as I've currently run four characters through different factions within that game, for different endings and alignments. Bethesda does post apocalipse as well as it does the Elder Scrolls fantasy.


Borderlands 2 weapons and fun images have gotten their own page, in the games section. I try to spend as much time as I can in this game, despite its age. The stories are fun, characters are hilarious, and the loot system is on par with Diablo 2. I can't wait for more news on Borderlands 3!


These additions will roll out more smoothly, after working out the issues in the new image viewing functions, first used on the Pokemon page. Javascript is so fun to check cross browser compatability. It should look good across Firefox, Chrome, and Edge/IE. The image handling will probably need future adjustments to cooperate with mobile browsers though.


4/05/17 - I have added a page dedicated to displaying most of my YouTube Content. It can pull up playlists, subscribe, and even take you to my channel page, if you'd like to check out more gaming content.


3/31/17 - The Pokemon Page has been set up to display my full shiny collection and some other random fun images. I've got around eighty shiny pokemon currently. I'm experimenting with a new image display setup too, so let me know what you think. I'll probably try to better organize the links still.


3/30/17 - New Overwatch wallpapers posted, along with one for Xenogears, and one from Rick and Morty, on the Wallpaper's Page. Several new pics coming soon, along with new pages for Destiny, Borderlands 2, and tons of Shiny Pokemon hunting content.


3/29/17 - The feedback form is fixed and correctly sending emails again, without depending on a third party email program. I noticed that the site search was also being finicky. After some troubleshooting, I realized that it was due to an ad blocker, so there's now a note, to help people avoid that. Now the new content can resume, as I have no more excuses!


3/27/17 - The content push and backup system is set back up. I'm now on the prowl for new appearance and styling options, ever with the thought of fixing the feedback form email function. Jquery has been updated, so that should offer more options for everything, as well. Hrm, will I be able to part with Etna, Flonne, and Marona? We shall see.


3/21/17 - Menu spacing issue has been fixed! I also tackled some cross browser display issues and greatly optimized the CSS and JS for calling certain things. The menu spacing issue started showing up a few years ago, I believe with the release of HTML4, that gave a default value to one of the tag's margins.


With those out of the way, I can start working on a new site wrapper, images, and eventually improve the link lists which can have some confusing double-click functionality. Then, content updates!


Content wise, I have kept the Anime List mostly updated over the past few years and just need to add a few titles received over Christmas. That means Pesto had better get his but to watching some new shows.


... and then I see that the feedback form has been broken, sometime in the last few years. Guess that gives me the actual next target. I'll throw in a simple short term fix to just use whatever default mail program, until I can write a safe php email handler.


3/20/17 - It's been three years since my last noted site update, besides some small tweaks and anime list additions. I lost my father to his cancer fight, moreso the physical and mental aftermath of it, five days after that update and many hobbies have been left slack. I know he wouldn't have wanted the creative fire to go out, or for them to become some sort of grim daily reminder. That said, the creative fire needs re-ignited and the site should see an overhaul soon.


Maybe I can start with fixing the navigation menu's mystery space...